The Dwarf is a slow and powerful tighter who is at his best in the caves, where he is respected as a master of searching, hiding and fighting the monsters who live in caves Outside of the caves he is slow and clumsy. In battle his ability to duck swiftly escapes enemy blows, which allows him to out-maneuver the largest and slowest denizens. He must be careful to avoid the fast opponents who live outside of the caves, however, and he is extremely vulnerable to attacks made by other characters, who can always Smash him as he ducks. Since he relies heavily on the ducking maneuver, his helmet is a critical part of his defenses.

Special Advantages:

1. SHORT LEGS: This “advantage” is a mixture of advantages and disadvantages:

1.1 The Dwarf can never use “sunlight” phases – he is always limited to two phases per day (plus any extra phases due to belongings or spells), as if he were in the caves. In the caves, he gets his normal two phases.

1.2 The doughty Dwarf can rest an extra effort asterisk each time he does a REST activity.

1.3 Starting in the SECOND ENCOUNTER, the Dwarf can use his DUCK chit as a special MOVE chit. He can play it only to do the “DUCK” maneuver during the melee step He cannot use it for any other purpose: he cannot use it to carry items, to charge or run away during the encounter step, and he cannot use it to do any maneuver except “DUCK”. For purposes of fatigue, it counts as a MOVE chit.

2. CAVE KNOWLEDGE: The Dwarf rolls one die instead of two whenever he uses the HIDE table, the MEETING TABLE or any SEARCH table when he is in a cave clearing. This gives him some powerful advantages in the caves, somewhat offsetting his short legs. Obviously, the Dwarf prefers to spend as much time as possible in the caves.

STARTING THE GAME: The Dwarf can start the game at the GUARD house or at the INN. He starts with one Great Axe and one helmet.