The Wizard is an elderly wanderer familiar with the ways of the MAGIC REALM. During his travels he has made many friends and he has learned all of the secret roads of the land. In combat he Is slow and weak, so he must choose his battles cautiously. Once magic is introduced in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, his long study of the colors of magic enable him to create GREY, GOLD and PURPLE magic at the same time, giving him great powers with enchantments and spells, particularly Artifacts and Spell Books. His strengths and weaknesses make him a valuable member of a party, but he is extremely vulnerable when he tries to work alone.

Special Advantages:

1. LORE: Starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Wizard rolls one die instead of two whenever he rolls on the READING RUNES table.

2. EXPERIENCE: The Wizard knows the location of every hidden path and secret passage in the MAGIC REALM. At the start of the game he crosses all of the hidden paths and secret passages off of his Discoveries list. He can use them all.

STARTING THE GAME: The Wizard can start the game at the INN, the HOUSE or the GUARD house. He starts the game with one Staff and, starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, two spells (type II, III, and/or IV).