Custom Characters

Lately there has been some interest in developing new characters to supplement and/or replace the original 16 that came with Magic Realm. One thing that interested me, is the ability to generate new cards to mimic those from the game.

To this end, I assembled a Java application (Java 1.1.8 compatible) that allows you to put together all of the information in one place, and spit out a graphic representation in Magic Realm format. Some examples:

New Characters

If you are a RealmSpeak user, then you can now custom build your own characters for the game!  Not only that, but you get a nice looking character card that you can use in your face-to-face games.  As I get submissions, characters will be available for download here:

RealmSpeak Characters

If you would like to make a “game-balanced” character, and are unsure how to begin, please take a look at the Excel spreadsheet put together by Bill Andel.