Release 3.1 (12/9/05) – View Change Log

The latest and greatest version of Magic Realm 3rd Edition is here! Thanks to dedicated players the COMPREHENSIVE set of rules is finally complete. Truly a massive undertaking and the entire MR community appreciates the very difficult and time-consuming work done by the gang.

Magic Realm 3rd Edition Rules, Optional Rules, Index, and Lists & Tables
This 122-page document contains:

  • Full Standard Rules, including all corrections and clarifications that have been cataloged from discussions with Richard Hamblen since the original Third Edition
  • Complete Optional Rules from 2nd Edition, plus updated and new rules from Magic Realm designer Richard Hamblen that were edited out of the 2nd edition (including Watchful Natives, Benevolent Spell, and Extended Development).
  • Complete Lists & Tables
  • Complete Index

Notations in blue are clarifications received since the Second Edition was printed, so you can easily see what has been added.

A huge thank you to Teresa Michelsen, Stephen McKnight, Jay Richardson and Dan Farrow for undertaking this enormous task!

Available in two formats: