The Sorceror is the master of elemental magic and conjuring. He is helpless in combat, so he does best when he takes some of the excellent type IV Attack spells at the start of the game, which make him formidable in combat. His favorite Treasures are the Book of Lore and the Scroll of Alchemy, which can vastly increase the powers he can call on.

Special Advantages:

1. LORE: Starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Sorceror rolls one die instead of two each time he rolls on the READING RUNES table.

2. AURA OF POWER: Starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Sorceror can record and do an extra SPELL phase each turn.

STARTING THE GAME: The Sorceror must start the game at the INN. He starts the game with three spells (type IV and/or type VI).