The Woods Girl is the elusive mistress of the wooded lands, an expert tracker who is deadly with the bow against Light, Medium or Heavy opponents. When facing heavier opponents or overwhelming numbers, she is fleet enough to run away.

Special Advantages:

1. TRACKING SKILLS: The Woods Girl rolls one die instead of two whenever she uses the HIDE table, the MEETING table or any SEARCH table while she is in one of the six tiles labeled “WOODS” (specifically, the DEEP WOODS, LINDEN WOODS, MAPLE WOODS, NUT WOODS, OAK WOODS and PINE WOODS). She does not get this advantage in other tiles, even when she is in woods clearings In those tiles.

2. ARCHER: The Woods Girl rolls one die instead of two each time she rolls on the MISSILE TABLE to make an attack with a bow or crossbow.

STARTING THE GAME: The Woods Girl can start the game at the INN or the HOUSE. She starts the game with one Light Bow and, starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, one spell (type VII).