The Magician knows a little about a lot of different types of magic. He can cast nearly any spell – if he can obtain the right color magic. He must make the best use of the color magic he finds in the game, for he lacks the paired MAGIC chits necessary to enchant tiles. Obviously, he values Enchanted cards above all else. When he picks his starting spells, he must be very careful to pick spells that he can cast with the chits he has available.

Special Advantages:

1. MAGICAL PARAPHERNELIA: Starting in the SECOND ENCOUNTER, the Magician can record and do an extra ALERT phase each day. This reflects the effects of the magical implements he is carrying; the spell is best used to prepare MAGIC chits.

2. KNOWLEDGE: In the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Magician subtracts one from each die he rolls when he uses the READING RUNES table.

STARTING THE GAME: The Magician must start at the INN. He starts with three spells (types II, Ill, IV, V, VI, VII, and/or VIII).