The White Knight is famous for his virtue and his prowess in battle. He is among the most powerful fighters and can handle the largest and most terrible monsters, but he moves slowly and fatigues easily. Against smaller and faster foes he must rely on his armor to stay alive, and he must use his health to recover from the fatigue and wounds he suffers in combat.

Special Advantages:

1. HEALTH: The White Knight can record and do an extra REST phase each day.

2. HONOR: The White Knight subtracts one from each die he rolls whenever he rolls on the MEETING TABLE; this includes all rolls he makes during trading, hiring and rolling to see if the natives will battle him. His noble accomplishments and reputation make even his enemies less likely to attack him, and all of the native groups are likely to give him a little price break when he deals with them.

STARTING THE GAME: The White Knight can start the game at the INN or the CHAPEL. He starts the game with one Great Sword, one suit of armor and, starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, one spell (type I).