The Pilgrim is an adventurous cleric who must rely on his alliance with the Order and his ability to swiftly dispatch Medium opponents. With better weapons and armor he can defeat heavier opponents, but he is very slow and must choose his battles cautiously. In the FOURTH ENCOUNTER he can wield powerful WHITE magic, and his choice of a starting spell is critical in determining his strategy.

Special Advantages:

1. HEAVENLY PROTECTION: The Demon, Winged Demon and Imp cannot block the Pilgrim and they cannot be assigned to attack him: he cannot lure them into attacking, and he does not roll when they are assigned randomly. He can block and attack them normally.

2. LEARNING: Starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Pilgrim rolls one die instead of two each time he uses the READING RUNES table.

STARTING THEGAME: The Pilgrim can start the game at the INN or the CHAPEL. He starts the came with one Staff and, starting in the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, one spell (type I or type VII).