The Druid is an elusive magician at peace with nature. Since he cannot deal with most opponents even if he gets a weapon, he must operate alone, avoiding and hiding from monsters and running from them at need. He needs to win without combat, if possible.

Special Advantages:

1. CONCEALMENT: The Druid rolls one die instead of two each time he makes a HIDE die roll.

2. PEACE WITH NATURE: When the Druid ends his turn, the Warning and Sound chits in his tile do not summon monsters.

2.1 If the map chits in his tile are face down he reveals them normally, but he turns the Warning and Sound chits face down again to show they have not summoned monsters yet (chits are turned face up only if they have had the opportunity to summon monsters). The chits react normally when anyone else ends his turn in the tile.

2.2 PEACE WITH NATURE does not affect Dwellings, Site chits and Site cards, and it does not affect the DRAGON ESSENCE Treasure card. When the Druid ends his turn in a tile that contains one of these pieces, it summons denizens normally.

STARTING THE GAME: The Druid must start at the INN. In the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, he starts with two spells (type II and/or type VIII).