This is a nice idea originating (?) from the Magic Realm discussion group: A Magic Realm game with a predesigned setup and victory objectives. Breathes a little life into the Magic Realm Solitaire game! The first (and only) game I have is called “The Slayer” and was designed by John Hickman. With his permission, I am posting the game here. Perhaps in the future, I will be able to post more scenarios.

The Slayer
a Solitaire Scenario for Magic Realm
by John Hickman
Last Revised/Edited 4/12/00
Edited to fit this table format
by Robin Warren
(Hope I didn’t butcher your game John!)

Game Setup:
Set up the tiles randomly (or as in the Solitaire rules) and the rest of the stuff as normal (except for minor changes below). Use whatever advanced/optional rules you want.  If you use Seasons/Weather, roll 2D6 for the Season.

Player Start:
Characters: Choose Captain or Amazon
Starting Location: Inn
Starting Items: Truesteel Sword and M5/M6 Workhorse
Victory Conditions: Choose normally
Special: Choose a “Beloved”:  Woods Girl or Swordsman
Game Time: One month

Game Description:
To win you have to kill the Bad guy, Zoltan, your evil Brother.Zoltan (played by Jack Palance) is the Black Knight.  In addition to his starting equipment, he has a Helmet, a H6/H7 workhorse, and the 4 small treasures that the Soldiers and Company start with.  He will have these active with any spells on them freed when placed.

He has permanently hired the Company, Soldiers, Guard, Rogues and Patrol.  If the HQs of these native groups get killed, they still drop their treasures in the clearing.

When the Patrol are prowling, they can also appear in the clearing with the Amazon/Captain or your beloved, whichever moves first.  This means they will always regenerate at the end of week if they are prowling too. They will move from wherever they are to that clearing.

Zoltan appears at the Lost Castle chit with all the Company and Soldiers when it is placed. The Company and Soldiers always regenerate with him if applicable (i.e. if they are prowling at the end of the week), and move to his clearing from wherever they are currently placed at full strength (i.e. they can be on the board elsewhere before Zoltan appears, and then join him for the final battle). He and his natives will automatically block and attack your characters if possible.

He is placed on the lost castle chit when it is revealed. He will be hidden, have his Mace alerted and have seen hidden enemies. From then on he will do Hide, Alert (Mace) and Searches for the remaining phases, on the Peer table looking for hidden enemies.  The Company and Soldiers follow him.

In combat, play him like a character to the best of your ability, assuming he knows all the treasures you are carrying. If he can cast any spells, even if you aren’t there, that can interfere with you (e.g. Protection from Magic or Lost) have him cast them.

No monsters attack or block him.  However he does attract monsters like any other character. So if you go looking for him too early, you will have a horde of lost castle monsters to deal with too.

Game Rewards:
Complete victory
One character of your choice (not listed below) joins you immediately, with their normal starting equipment and gold..
Kill Zoltan and
Rescue Beloved
Wins the game

Non-player Characters:
White Knight
Crossbow and
M5/H7 Workhorse
Player arrives
at Guardhouse
Lost City Chit
After ending turn on
Lost City Chit
Can Teleport
you to any
Small Campfire
Morning Star and Breastplate
After Visiting the Crone
Large Campfire
Light Bow and 10 gold
After Visiting the Crone
10 gold
After Visiting the Crone
with Zoltan
with Zoltan
with Zoltan
with Zoltan
Black Knight
Lost Castle Chit
Mace, Suit of Armor, Shield,
Helmet, H6/H7 Workhorse,
2 treasures from Company,
2 treasures from Soldiers
After Lost Castle Chit
is revealed