Combat Tutorial

When you encounter your first monsters, a new window will pop up that looks like the combat sheets you use in the board game. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see the current combat round. Direcly below that, is a description of the current stage of combat for which you must participate:

Lure Denizens

At the top of the screen is the monsters you must deal with. Select as many (or as few) as you like, and click the shaded green “Lure” hotspot, and the monsters will be lured to your sheet. Of course, if you choose not to lure, they may be randomly assigned to you later, unless you are hidden.

Notice that there are a couple buttons at the bottom of the right-hand panel. One of these buttons says “Stop” and might be disabled. This button can be used to skip combat if all characters in the clearing are hidden, and everyone agrees to skip going through two rounds of uneventful mouse clicking. Press “Next” when you are finished with your activities.

Two other buttons below the title, are used to access views of your current chit status, as well as your inventory. These two buttons are repeated on most pages, so you can keep track of what is going on.

Midway down the right hand side, is a table of all characters that are in the clearing. If you are the only character fighting, there will only be a single row. When there are more characters, this table is used to examine everyone’s individual sheets during Melee. The row that has a word next to the token, is the active character. If you are playing more than one character, please note which is active when the sheet comes up. By default, the active character will be selected and showing.


This is where you can choose to run, alert weapons, etc.

Assign Targets

Pick your target by clicking on any of the monster piles on any of the sheets. Note, that the target you want might be on another character’s sheet, so be sure to switch through the views by clicking on the different character rows!

Attack & Maneuver

Place attacks and maneuvers by clicking on the appropriate green hotspots. Only available possiblities (following all the rules as best I could) will be shown. For example, if you play a chit with two asterisks as your maneuver, only the non-asterisk chits will be shown, unless you have an activated treasure item that says otherwise!

Be sure to position your shield (if you have one)!

This is also the stage where you put monsters into the red boxes on your sheet. Click on the red boxes, and you will get to choose from one of the monsters. If you’d rather not go through them this way, click the monster stack, and they will be auto-placed for you (good idea when there are 4 or less). Remember, of course, that the monsters will go through a repositioning stage before combat is resolved, so don’t expect them to stay put!

Change Tactics

This is probably misnamed, but seemed appropriate to me. You’ll only see this page if you happen to have either the Battle Bracelets or the Elusive Cloak activated in your inventory, and all the monsters on your sheet comply with the conditions of those treasures.


This is the complete combat resolution. All die rolls that were taken into account are shown directly on the page, including missile rolls. Dead monsters and characters will have a red X drawn through them. Be sure to look at all the combat sheets to see the whole picture.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

If all the monsters (or characters) die, then combat is over. If two rounds go by without any hits, combat is over. Otherwise, it continues by rounding back to the Luring stage.

Really, that’s all there is to it. I made a huge effort to make this as similar to the normal game play as possible, so I hope you are happy with the result.