The Witch is the mistress of natural and demonic powers. Nearly helpless in combat, she must select some spells that allow her to fight or avoid combat. She usually does best by going off by herself, preferably to some place where she can find GREY magic.

Special Advantages:

1. KNOWLEDGE: In the FOURTH ENCOUNTER, the Witch subtracts one from each die she rolls when she uses the READING RUNES table.

2. FAMILIAR: The Witch has an invisible companion that can move around the map separately and discover things for her.

2.1 She uses an extra game piece to represent this “familiar”. Each day she records a separate turn for the familiar: it gets two basic phases plus two “sunlight” phases, and it can do only the MOVE, FOLLOW and enhanced PEER activities (the only clearing it can search is the clearing it is in). It takes its turn just before she takes her turn, when her ATTENTION chit Is picked. The familiar cannot block or be blocked, it does not summon denizens nor cause monsters to move, and It cannot take part In combat.

2.2 The familiar can follow and spy like a character. When it follows the Witch, she can carry it like an item with Negligible weight, even when she flies. The familiar cannot be followed and it cannot be spied on.

2.3 The familiar cannot carry belongings or recorded GOLD.

2.4 The Witch and her familiar share the same Discoveries list. Anything either of them discovers can be used by both of them.

STARTING THE GAME: The Witch and her familiar must start the game at the INN. She starts the game with three spells (type II, type V and/or type VIII).