The Captain is a renowned hero of many wars. His strength, weapon and armor make him dangerous when facing Medium or Heavy opponents, but he needs heavier equipment to deal with heavily armored foes. He is not really strong enough to face Tremendous toes.

Special Advantages:

1. AIM: Starting in the SECOND ENCOUNTER, the Captain subtracts one from each die roll whenever he rolls on the MISSILE TABLE.

2. REPUTATION: The Captain can record and do an extra phase each day he is at a Dwelling (including a campfire). He must be at the Dwelling when he starts to do the phase, not when he records it. He can use the extra phase to do any normal activity.

STARTING THE GAME: The Captain can start the game at the INN, the HOUSE or the GUARD house. He starts the game with one Short Sword, one helmet, one breastplate, and one shield.