The Berserker is a powerful fighting man with the strength to dispatch the largest monsters and humans and the speed to outmaneuver them. He is not fast enough to escape faster opponents, so against them he must rely on going berserk to survive and on his robust health to help him recover from his wounds.

Special Advantages:

1. ROBUST: The Berserker can record and do an extra REST phase each day.

2. BERSERK: Starting in the SECOND ENCOUNTER, the Berserker can play his BERSERK chit to increase his vulnerability to Tremendous for the rest of the day. Once he plays it, it takes Tremendous harm to kill him. At Midnight he reverts to normal. Note: For purposes of resting, the BERSERK chit counts as a FIGHT chit. It cannot be used as a FIGHT chit In any other way.

2.1 He can play his BERSERK chit during an ALERT phase (instead of alerting a weapon). It fatigues instantly.

2.2 He can play his BERSERK chit as his action during the encounter step. This counts as his action for the step, and the denizens on his sheet restrict his ability to play it (as if it were a FIGHT chit). It counts towards his effort limit and fatigue normally.

STARTING THE GAME: The Berserker must start the game at the INN. He starts the game with one Great Axe and one helmet.