Latest RealmSpeak Version

The current version of RealmSpeak is, released September 16, 2012

Installing RealmSpeak

Unzip the Image Resource Pack into a new folder.  You should see an images folder, and a readme file.  Unzip the RealmSpeak Application into the same folder.  If you’ve done it correctly, RealmSpeak.jar will be at the same level as the images folder (but not IN the images folder – see screenshot). You won’t need to expand any jar archives to play the game.


Running RealmSpeak

If you are on a windows system, simply double-click the “run.bat” file, and the game will launch.  The other batch files give you access to the GM tool, the Character Builder, and Cheat mode.  If you are playing on a Mac or Linux system, simply unzip the files in MacRealmSpeak or LinuxRealmSpeak respectively, and run the scripts therein.


Summary of Files


A complete list of all changes to RealmSpeak going back to its birth.


This is the RealmSpeak application, and contains all the compiled Java code necessary to play the game.  Typically, this file is the only thing that changes between versions, and is the only file you really need to replace.


If you are on a Windows system, this batch script will launch RealmSpeak.


This batch script is identical to run.bat (above), except that all configuration files will be generated in the same folder as the script, as opposed to creating them in the default user folder for your computer.  Use this script if you are playing at work, and you don’t want any extra files appearing outside your game folder.  🙂


This batch script is identical to run.bat (above), except that it enables CHEAT mode.  Read more about CHEAT mode below.


This batch script will allow you to edit any save game generated by RealmSpeak.  It has many features to allow you to adjust character attributes, item locations, and the life or death of any/all monsters and natives.  This is a good way to “fix” a problem when RealmSpeak behaves in a way you didn’t expect.  Click the link on the right to learn more.


RealmSpeak comes with a tool to build your own characters.  If you are interested in trying this, then run this batch script.  Click the link on the right to learn more.


Another tool that comes with RealmSpeak, is the battle builder.  Use this script to launch the battle builder, and setup your own crazy battle scenarios.  Click the link on the right to learn more.

This is an archive of Linux scripts that allow you to launch RealmSpeak on a Linux operating system.

This isan archive of Linux scripts that allow you to launch RealmSpeak on a Mac OSX operating system.

mail.jar, activation.jar

These two files are necessary, and should not be deleted.  They contain the functionality to send e-mails when playing a server, and RealmSpeak will not work correctly without them.


RealmSpeak Application

Download this each time a new

release is available.



Image Resource Pack

Download this ONLY if you are installing RealmSpeak for the first time, or you are upgrading from a RealmSpeak

release older than




With the release of RealmSpeak version, you can now include questing as part of your gaming adventure.  The release contains over a 100 quests, but as quests are fixed or added, you can find them here.  Just download the rqst files, and put them in your RealmSpeak/quests folder, and you’re good to go!  If you want to send me quests, use the contact tab to let me know, and I’ll send you my e-mail address.  Alternatively, you could post them to the RealmSpeak mailing list (click “Home” above for more information)


Questing the Realm


Renewed Strength – 8/18/2012



Mysterious Warlock – 9/1/2012

Studies of the Shaman – 9/1/2012

Journey Past – 9/1/2012

Perilous Journey – 9/1/2012

Return of the Adventurers – 8/26/2012

Eerie Light – 8/18/2012

Custom Characters

I have a set of 32 characters that I like to use in my own online games, derived from many different authors:

32 Character Set

Alternatively, you can view and download individual custom characters below:


Blood Druid



Beggar King







Father Christmas